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Becky, Scott, and Ted

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December 10th, 2004

skreidle @ 01:58 pm: I'm currently listening to pandect. Ultimix 1 | 2, and I'd forgotten how much it rocks.

That is all, carry on. :D

September 15th, 2003

cheshirrrecat @ 02:17 pm: t...
just wanted to let you know i was thinking about you and sending you Sustaining and Peaceful thoughts.

i Know the decision you made was Not an Easy one, but i Admire the Strength of your Insights and Convictions.

she is Truly Blessed to have you in her life--in Whatever way.

i Hope youre able to find some Happiness and Fulfillment up there. youre much too young to not be enjoying your college experience ;}

Love you! b

September 4th, 2003

cheshirrrecat @ 12:56 pm: dammit
hey t--

just wanted to let you know....

we tried yesterday to get tix for the evanescence show....but theyre all sold out!! :( dammit. dammit. dammit. so it looks like you and the lady will be flying solo. but at least it might make for a more romantic, alone-type evening.... :}

enjoy for us!!

April 28th, 2003

cheshirrrecat @ 12:49 pm: "stayed up until 5am talking to siren. gotta change that. not because i don't love talking to her, because i do. but because 5am is NOT a good time to go to bed. we need to move that back to 3am, or 330. *puppy eyes at the hot chick* please? talk about it later?"

"I've had similar issues with my recent flirting, as the girl is in Pacific Time--her going to bed by 1 or 2 is 4 or 5 here--kinda late. :) However, there's a girl I met at the party the other night who's local, and there may be some flirting to occur there, though not so much online. Woo!"

*laughs at the silly boys and shakes her head...*

April 16th, 2003

cheshirrrecat @ 11:57 am: ted....
i was going to respond to your last post in the comments section of your journal, but i didnt know if you wanted a public discussion about it. you may not want a discussion at all, and if thats the case, i wont push you, but i did want to share with you my thoughts. if you dont want it discussed further, i will drop it.

thoughtsCollapse )

March 24th, 2003

cheshirrrecat @ 04:37 pm: hey boys...
sorry im not very talkative today...
i Promise im not ignoring you--i just cant get my brain to communicate anything.

hope you both have Peaceful nights, and maybe i'll have more to say tomorrow... sorry...

Love, b

Current Music: evanescence in my head

March 21st, 2003

cheshirrrecat @ 04:20 pm: for the record...
im one of those people that think war is ALWAYS unjustifiable... but, i Respect your thoughts and opinions, ted, and think they were very eloquently spoken.

im just an idealist, and believe that we as humans are *not* inherently violent, but that we use history to keep us in a vicious cycle of behavior.

(more of my thoughts on this are in scott's journal in a conversation i was having with another military friend of his)

i hope that doesnt turn me into one of those people that trouble you....

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